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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 1: Land's End - Hele

With the day looking like a good one for cycling we set the alarm set for 6am and set out for Land's End from our accommodation near Marazion. The drive down to the start was beautiful although it did leave me pondering the logic of Kerri driving me down a road I was going to ride back up a few minutes later.

After the obligatory photo's I set off shortly before 7.30am.

The first 52 miles were on the A30, a good portion of which is dual carriageway, and I wanted to get them out of the way whilst the roads were still quiet. Light winds and adrenaline inducing traffic speeds meant I made good time and was off the busy road by 11am in time to meet Kerri for a spot of lunch.

Some of the A30 is picturesque...
... whereas other parts, not so much

With the A30 behind me I moved on to better cycling roads, a combination of country lanes and quiet A/B roads. With the smaller roads came bigger gradients however and I found it hard to keep my heart rate down - keeping in mind that going too deep into my reserves would leave me fatigued in the coming days. The smaller gearing I fitted last week definitely came in handy.

Having been promised a feast at my second stop of the day at West Chilla I wasn't disappointed. Kerri's cousin Jonathan and his wife Wendy had prepared the biggest pan of pasta I have ever seen along with many other delights including a delicious chocolate flapjack baked by their children Billy and Heidi (with a hand from Wendy!). After a long break and copious amounts of food we were sent on our way with the leftovers to have later in the day.

Quieter roads after the A30

Still having 40 miles to go meant the day was far from over but fuelled up to my ears the final third of the day passed pretty swiftlly - at least in my head if not on the speedo! The 16mph average I had started out with had been gradually decreasing since I left the A30 as I tried to take it easier on the hillier roads and enjoy the ride. Despite ominous grey clouds making appearances throughout the day I made it to our accommodation in Hele without seeing a drop of rain, tired but satisfied after a great first day in the saddle.

Stormy skies but no rain


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  1. Glad the first day went ok, keep safe and enjoy the rest of the trip ...