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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let the training... begun?

In the time between getting knocked off my bike in November and getting the insurance company to pay up I did very little riding other than the daily commute of about 6 and a half miles. In a way I guess it was good to have an excuse not to go out in the freezing weather but by the end of it I was getting a bit stir crazy and more than a bit bike obsessed - as I'm sure my girlfriend Kerri will testify to! Although I'm sure she wasn't too annoyed that we had to visit a bike shop in Halifax en route to a romantic night away in Harrogate....

I was itching to get back out on my bike and spending most of my weekends avoiding the long list of jobs that needed doing around the house. So it came as a great relief to both of us when the parts for my new bike arrived one by one in the post and I could build up my new Genesis Equilibrium (more on which later), enabling me to get back out on the road at the weekends for some longer rides.

Three weekends in and it's surprising how quickly you get back into things. (I suppose you could say it's like riding a bike but I would never stoop that low...) I've been building up the mileage and this weekend I went out twice with the Wheelers getting in 147 miles. I was expecting to find it a real struggle at first but I suppose last years riding has set my legs in good stead and I've enjoyed every mile of it.

Today was a great day for riding a bike; dry, no sign of ice and very little wind. There were countless groups of riders out in the lanes of Cheshire making the most of it and/or getting in some last minute training before the impending race season. Hopefully the last of the freezing weather is behind us and we're in for a nice mild couple of months before a long hot summer kicks in*. Roll on next weekend!

* I accept no responsibility if this doesn't actually happen and the summer is another washout.


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