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Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring is Here!

It's official: not only is the weather distinctly spring-like but the clocks go forward this weekend, meaning more opportunities to get out in the daylight after work. I suppose I could have just got up an hour earlier each day these past few weeks and have had the same benefit, but I find that if I wake up and the time on my phone starts with a 7 it’s still too early for me to get out of bed!

So far since in my LEJoG training I have been blessed with fairly good weather. Other than a bit of ice the first weekend back and one weekend of rain the weather has been unseasonably nice. This weekend is looking like the best of the lot: 17-19 degrees Celsius with wind speeds in single figures, although I'm sure it'll be a couple of degrees cooler in the hills.

Whilst it is obviously a huge bonus not to be spending my weekends out in cold and wet weather there is also a part of me that’s hoping the bad weather isn’t being saved up until the beginning of May. I’m not a superstitious man, nor am I a weather expert, but I’m pretty sure this weather is unlikely to last for the next month and a half. All I can hope is that the almost inevitable spell of bad weather comes and goes before May!

In the meantime I will be making the most of the weather with a couple of 100 milers this weekend - see you in the Peak District!

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