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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunburn and Fog

Well, I think last weekend was the earliest in the year I have ever been sunburnt in the UK. The weather was truly glorious and I managed to get in 100 miles on Saturday and Sunday followed by another 50 on Monday evening. I say the weather was glorious, at least it was until we rode into Holmfirth on Sunday morning. It was the second time I have ridden over Saddleworth Moor into Holmfirth and both times I have encountered thick fog. The first was back in November when a bright sunny day in Manchester gave way to thick fog on the moors; I assume it was as soon as we crossed the border into Yorkshire.

This time the fog appeared on the descent into Holmfirth when the temperature suddenly dropped about 10 degrees and visibility was reduced to about a hundred feet or so. I think Yorskhire needs to learn how to be more accommodating to it's visitors - you don't get that kind of reception when you cycle into Derbyshire, Cheshire or Lancashire! It did provide us with great views, however, once we climbed back into the sunshine and could view the fog lying in the valley below. If I'd had the forethought to take a camera with me I could show you the view but as I didn't all I can say is that it was something like this but with one or two fewer sky scrapers:

Obviously the sun was higher in the sky and there were more hills, but you get the idea.

Once we'd stopped off in a cafe for brews and bacon butties, it gave way to a bright, clear day. I'm glad it did because the cobbled climb we encountered on the way to Ripponden would have been a lot nastier if the ground had been wet - it was bad enough as it was. Still, at least the fog had stopped me being exposed to the sun for as long as I was on Saturday which had led to sunburnt wrists and nose.

This weekend is a weekend off for me as I will be helping my girlfriend Kerri celebrate a rather special birthday. However, starting sometime next week I am planning to do 7 days of back to back rides - not necessarily long distances each day but 30 miles on shorter day up to a hundred or more on longer days, the idea being to give me an idea of what it's like riding every day for a week. I'm suffering a bit with swollen lymph glands at the moment so the break comes at a good time, although that's assuming the weekend's celebrations will be less of a strain on my body than training!


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